Nov 2022
AMADA PRESS SYSTEM was jointly awarded the "MF Technology Grand Prize Award" and "MF Technology Excellence Award" at the "MF Technology Award 2022-2023" sponsored by the "Japan Forming Machinery Association".
Apr 2021
Won the MF Technology Award 2020/2021 (Japan Forming Machinery Association) for Manufacture of long and short column fixing bands with continuous production system.
Apr 2020
The company name is changed to AMADA PRESS SYSTEM CO., LTD.
Apr 2019
AMADA ORII CO., LTD. formed through a merger between Orii & Mec Corporation and the stamping press department of AMADA MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD.
Jan 2019
AMADA Won the MF Technology Award 2018/2019 (Japan Forming Machine Association) for ultrahigh-precision drawing without cutting in automobile parts using a servo press.
Jul 2018
AMADA Won the 48th Machining Industry Award for Japanese Brands for SDE-2017 GORIKI.
Oct 2018
ORIIMECOrii & Mec Corporation became a subsidiary of the AMADA Group
Apr 2016
ORIIMECPT. ORIIMEC SERVICE INDONESIA, a sales subsidiary, established
Apr 2015
Relocated AMADA's stamping press business to AMADA MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD.
Jan 2015
AMADA Won the MF Technology Award 2014/2015 (Japan Forming Machinery Association) for machining of carrier covers using a servo press and index device.
Nov 2015
AMADA Won the Sokeizai Chairperson's Award at the 2015 Sokeizai Industry Technology Awards.
Feb 2013
ORIIMECORIIMEC DE MEXICO S.A.DE.C.V., a sales subsidiary, established
Jan 2013
AMADA Won the MF Technology Award 2012/2013 (Japan Forming Machinery Association) for machining of three-dimensional reflectors by variable speed control and electrolysis with a servo press.
Aug 2012
AMADA Began collaborating with Chinese press machine manufacturer CFG to produce small and medium general-purpose press machines.
Sep 2011
ORIIMECFactory added to our Chinese manufacturing subsidiary, Orii & Mec Corporation of Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
Jan 2011
AMADA Won the MF Technology Award 2010/2011 (Japan Forming Machinery Association) for stamping press machining of high-precision cycloid gears using a high-precision knuckling press.
Apr 2010
ORIIMECHead Office Factory 2 moved to land adjoining our head office.
Apr 2008
Stamping press sale and servicing business concentrated in AMADA CO., LTD.
Jul 2006 
ORIIMECOriimec Shanghai Co., Ltd., a sales subsidiary, established
Nov 2005
ORIIMECHead Office Factory 2 starts operation (in the Isehara Industrial Complex in Kanagawa Prefecture)
Apr 2004
ORIIMECOriimec (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a sales subsidiary, established
Jan 2002
ORIIMECOriimec Corporation of Hong Kong Co., Ltd., a sales subsidiary, established
Nov 2002
ORIIMECOriimec Corporation of Guangzhou Co., Ltd., a manufacturing subsidiary, established
Oct 2002
AMADA Merged with Sogo Safety Technology Center Co., Ltd. and Washino Engineering Co., Ltd. to form AMADA PRESS TECH CO., LTD.
Dec 2000
ORIIMECOrii Corporation and Mec Machinery are merged to form Orii & Mec Corporation.
Apr 1996
ORIIMECMec Machinery's Head office and factory built and moved to Kawaguchi city in Saitama Prefecture.
Mar 1994
ORIIMECOrii Corporation of Singapore Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore
Jun 1998
ORIIMECMECHATECHSYSTEM (now Oriimec Corporation of America) established in USA
Jun 1985
ORIIMECThe company name is changed to Orii Corporation.
Feb 1985
ORIIMECThe company name is changed to Mec Machinery Co., Ltd.
Aug 1980
ORIIMECOrii Seiki Co., Ltd. a subsidiary, is established in Tottori.
Jan 1975
ORIIMECThe company moves to Isehara Industrial Park in Kanagawa, and begins operations.
Sep 1972
ORIIMECMatsuoka Engineering Co., Ltd. established in Chiyoda, Tokyo
Apr 1965
AMADASigned a technical license contract with US Industries in the USA and began producing and selling mechanical presses.
Jan 1965
AMADABusiness name changed to AMADA CO., LTD.
Jul 1962
ORIIMECOrii Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Company established in Ota, Tokyo
Jun 1948 
AMADA Incorporated as Amada Seisakusho & Co.
Sep 1946
AMADA Established in Takada-Minami machi, Toshima, Tokyo.

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