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ORII our strengths as the top company in the press room automation industry

MEC springs that change the world

Incorporating customer feedback into products

Forming, Transportation, Conveyance, Bending

Each of AMADA PRESS SYSTEM’s products is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and technology in stamping press machines, press automation, spring machines, software and machining technology, amassed through generations of listening to our customers' needs and working with them to solve issues.


Development of products to solve issues
We employ the latest design systems to develop core technology and elements for the next generation of machinery. 
 Digitalization and automation are two areas of particular focus as we adapt to the increasing diversification of machining work that is taking place. 
 The technology we develop is cutting edge but always easy to use, and provides a high degree of added value.


Our machines are made through high-quality, high-precision production operations with cutting-edge, precise and efficient facilities and management that doesn't miss a single detail. 
 We are constantly adopting even more precise and efficient facilities to provide unbeatable precision. 
 We have numerous production sites, each with top-notch quality and efficiency.

  • Fujinomiya Works (Production of stamping press machines) 
  • Isehara-Suzukawa Works (Production of large coil lines system, large straightener-feeders and robot lines for stamping press machines)
  • Tottori Factory (Orii Seiki - total production of general straightener-feeders for stamping press machines) 
  • Kawaguchi Works (R&D, production, sales and service of spring machines)
  • AMADA ORII GUANGZHOU CO., LTD. (Production of press room automation equipment for overseas sales)


Solving the issues you face
We work one-on-one with each and every customer, drawing on years of stamping press machine, automatic press equipment and precision spring forming machine technology to provide the ideal solution to issues you are experiencing in your production operations. 
AMADA GLOBAL INNOVATION CENTER a venue for customers to innovate their production. This location allows AMADA engineers and customers from around the world to take on the challenge of new manufacturing methods together, and experience the latest machines and technologies from AMADA.


Providing you with support for safe and reliable operations
Maintenance and repairs are just the beginning. We provide an extensive range of engineering services from pre-delivery training on how to control and operate your machine to operational support where we suggest the latest machining technology and ideal machining methods for your work.

Global network

Integrating our business for an even stronger global network

We integrate our stamping press business with our business for press room automation equipments to make our global network even bigger and stronger. 
Our aim is to be the only company in the world that our customers need, so we make sure we're always close at hand, supporting you at your production site. 
This support is at the forefront of our minds as we continue to actively pursue global expansion.

Contact for repair/recovery of AMADA PRESS SYSTEM products and our corporate activities.