Improved production speed and flexibility/energy-saving for plastic forming

Saitetsu, Inc.

Head office address: 84-8, Oazaidoba, Sanjo city, Niigata prefecture

As a pioneer in manufacturing, Saitetsu performs OEM production for various types of businesses.
Saitetsu provides reliable quality, reasonable costs, and on-time delivery for both
high-mix low-volume (multi-process single-press) and high-volume
(multi-process press + delivery robot and progressive press) stamping.
Saitetsu handles everything from procurement (preparing materials and creating dies) and assembly that makes use of the regional characteristics of the Tsubamesanjo area to provide completed items based on sheet pressing.

Head office plant (Sanjo city, Niigata prefecture)
President Konosuke Saito


Varying production of seasonal products was a major bottleneck

After Saitetsu adopted the first RY system in Niigata prefecture in 1982,
production numbers improved dramatically and reductions in operators lead to greatly reduced costs.
We then expanded to five lines to greatly contribute to varying production of seasonal products.
We adopted an RHN system to build a new line with a combination of servo pressing and servo delivery.
The introduction of an RHN system with flexible servo-free motion and improved workability and work speed enabled dramatically improved productivity and flexibility of plastic forming, and also large energy savings.

On-site equipment
Assembly site
Handling everything from material procurement, die creation, and assembly


Reliability of mechanisms and speed

The reason we chose AMADA PRESS SYSTEM was because of the reliability and speed of their press transfer robots.
We are also satisfied with their excellent after-service and their fast responses.
At Saitetsu, we look ahead to our 100th year of business in the year 2029, and will continue to pursue improvements to our manufacturing ability.
We strive to be a company that can provide advanced technical ability and on-site creativity in a form desired by our customers.

RHN 2axis servo robot line
RY robot line
Contributes to improved workability and work speed

Product introduction

RHN 2axis servo robot
RY Robot System

Contact for repair/recovery of AMADA PRESS SYSTEM products and our corporate activities.