Business Introduction

Stamping press business

Since its release, press machine has always been with state of the art technology
of th times at many stamping sites.Digital servo press series realized visualization
of work and maintenance by connecting to the digital network.

ORII Press Room Automation Business (Coil Line System)

We automate the process of coil feeding and workpiece transfer at stamping press line. ORII has the No.1 achievement and history in the field.
AMADA PRESS SYSTEM is the only total supplier who can offer the best proposal, meets the all the needs.

ORII Press Room Automation Business (Robot Line System)

AMADA PRESS SYSTEM robot series support the press automation with sofisticated design and various models.

MEC Spring Machine Business

The spring forming machine series products launched by AMADA PRESS SYSTEM are well-known all over the world under the "MEC" brand, and are also the top brands in the field of precision springs.

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