Improving tact time with faster, Steadier and easier-to-use robots

Inagawa Co., Ltd.

Address: 73 Nitta Tamura Shinden-cho,
Ohta City, Gunma Prefecture

Inagawa Co., Ltd. performs integrated production, from metal pressing to welding and assembly, at a high level of quality and a low cost. They have continuously met their customers' needs through years of on-site experience and new ideas.

Head office plant
Shinichi Inagawa, Chairman and CEO


Inagawa's aim: To improve line speed!

Inagawa Co., Ltd. has installed four progressive lines and four robot lines as metal press room automation lines to meet the various needs of their customers. Unfortunately, they are not located in an industrial complex, which places restrictions on their working times. They therefore looked for solutions that would work in the limited time and space they have. Inagawa approached us after receiving an order for a new job. We suggested our new robot, the RHQ Robot, to improve speed and productivity.

The factory facilities and existing robot line


Reducing time loss during press-to-press transfer to as close to zero as possible

We have introduced a more evolved high-speed control robot line, the RHQ Robot. The new RHQ Robot enables lap operation between the press and the robot, achieving the highest speed in its class. Our previous model (the RHN Robot) was already highly regarded at many sites for achieving the highest transportation speed in its class (a cycle time of 1.5 seconds) through highly rigid feed bars and hand joins. The RHQ robot takes this a step further, with a newly developed teaching function that enables a feed position to be set just close enough to avoid interference from parts such as molds when configuring the operation settings of the robot. This reduces time loss to as close to zero as possible during press-to-press transfer, maximizing production cycle time for the line as a whole.

The RHQ robot line, our high-speed control type
An AMADA PRESS SYSTEM technician explains how the equipment works
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Product introduction

RHQ 2axis servo robot
RYN 2axis servo robot

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