Spring Machine Business

Spring Formers

Our spring forming machines specialize in producing torsion springs. This machinery can form all kinds of springs, including torsion springs, extension springs, and compression springs.

Torsion spring

Distorted extension spring

Distorted compression spring

Hose band

Coiling Machines

Spring machines that specialize in compression springs. These machines have an automatic program function for easy production of compression springs and a function for making curved tapered shapes.

Compression spring

Canted coil spring

Oval spring

3-dimensional bending spring

Extension Spring Machines

Machines specializing in the production of extension springs, including English, German, and U hooks. AMADA PRESS SYSTEM has consistently led the spring industry with its technical expertise, with some of our products registered as Spring Technology Heritage. MEC is well known as the best brand of extension springs.

English loops
(1) Open loops
(2) Closed loops
(3) Loops with unusual diameters

Side loops
(4) Open loops
(5) Closed loops
(6) Loops with different diameters

U hooks
(7) Half round loops
(8) German loops
(9) Indian loops


Exceptionally High Quality

Our assembly precision and advanced control technology provides exceptionally high quality. Because the accuracy with which wire lines are adjusted greatly affects the stability of the spring quality, MEC's wire lines are created with the uncompromising dedication to quality that is expected of an artisan.

User-Friendly Control Panel

These screens are user-friendly while also providing advanced control and quality management. Our control panels are popular with customers due to the strong focus placed on ease of understanding and use, enabling anyone to produce items with a consistent level of quality.

Able to Produce a Wide Variety of Springs

With MEC's machinery, you can produce a large quantity of springs in the same shape, correctly produce complicated shapes and accurately handle high-strength materials and special materials with unusual wire diameters. Our machinery can create a wide variety of springs to meet various needs and requirements.

Example of adoption

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