We have been the top company in the industry ever since the ORII brand was established.
Why have customers continued to choose our products?
It's because we have led the field time and time again.



Top Market Share

"ORII" brand's market share in Japan is over 50% - far greater than any of our competitors'. With wider experience than our competitors, we continue to provide the world with more attractive products than any other company in the industry.



Top Customer Relations

As a company that exists to assist manufacturers, we strive to work as closely as possible with our customers. This is why we have expanded our network to 15 offices in Japan and 19 overseas. We have more offices throughout Japan than any other company in the press room automation industry, allowing us to provide immediate support when our customers need us. You won't find better customer support than this!



Top Technical Capabilities

From the time when stamping was performed by artisans to the time of machine-controlled stamping, and now a time of diverse needs, we have consistently achieved product development and technical innovation that is ahead of the times. We have over 60 technicians worldwide who work on solving a diverse range of problems, such as the technology required for adopting high-tensile steel plates in automobiles, safety technology for protecting workers, and ecological technology for developing environmentally-friendly machines.



Top Product Variation

"ORII" brand has gained a wide range of experience throughout its long history, dating back to the early days of press room automation. Our extensive track record has led to valuable experience and the development of many new products. AMADA PRESS SYSTEM ability to provide a wide variety of products and customizations based on various customer requirements, such as layout, installation space, and material specifications, enables us to propose the perfect system for every customer.


Top Customer Satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction is reflected by our track record, technology, support system, and high rate of repeat customers. We also have a widely varied product lineup that our competitors cannot hope to match. As an industry leader in many areas, we can propose the best solutions for you.

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