Benefits of downsizing by Tandem Stamping Line

MIFUNE Corporation

Location: 45 Kuchiakeduka, Mifune-machi, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture,470-0371 

"The main trading customers are Toyota Group auto parts manufacturers and Toyota's Tier1 suppliers.
About 4,000 items are produced, including seat parts and suspension parts. The number of products shipped and delivered daily has risen to about 2,000 Items, is a Press parts processing manufacturer that produces 300,000 to 400,000 pieces a day."

President Umemura Kazuhiro


"It was common for Tier 1 component manufacturers to process important automobile parts with large transfer presses of 800 to 1200 tons. However, there were issues such as the cost and time required to start up production equipment, the heavy burden of mold design, manufacturing and management, and the big loss in terms of overall optimization when the production quantity is not stable.

We felt the need to build a tandem line production system with 4 to 5 presses from 60 to 200 tons, which is more profitable than a large transfer line, and thus increase orders."

Servo press for progressive die
Kanban System
A Truck Full Of Shipping Parts


"In the case of the tandem line, if we focus only on the processing cost, it can increase the cost, so we thought that we could take a cost advantage by integrally considering the mold cost and the yield Currently, the company has a total of 11 tandem stamping lines.

There are 6 in headquarters factories and 5 in Hirose factories.. In addition, we have actively adopted a servo press for progressive press. The main purposes are "improvement of productivity", "handling to high tensile strength materials" and "cold plate forging".

The number of parts using high-tensile steel is increasing, but there was a problem that the high-tensile steel had a high defective product rate when processed with a traditional crank press. By using the exclusive motion control technology the servo press has no defects and can perform stable  processing at 60 spm or higher."

Tandem Stamping Line Built By 4 200t Press Machines
Hirose Factory Established In August 2018

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