High-precision transfer even in complicated production line environment

Matsuno Press Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: 891-6 Nakaizumi, Nogatashi, Fukuoka, Japan 822-0011

Matsuno Press Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company that manufactures, welds, assembles automobile metal parts, and designs and makes metal molds. It has 75 press machines which is No.1 in Kyushu and supplies 1500-2000 types of parts mainly contain steering device and exhaust system parts. In order to decrease the defective rate of products, Matsuno Press Industry introduces the inspection system in the final processing. Matsuno Press Industry adheres to such consistent management system to provide customers with high-quality products.

Scene 1

High-precision transfer even in complicated production line environment

The multi-axis robot RZ series introduces a new line control method that improves operability and reduces costs with integrated control.
The production line environment of Matsuno Press Industry needed manual labor due to different shape and height of work piece, which is a quiet special case.
But now, cooperative control between each press machine and transfer robot reduces the standby time,
improves speed and productivity with the free handling feature of the RZ series.
The improvement in safety and achievement of the tact-up receive a high evaluation from the customer.
The evolved RZ series meets the needs of customers with superior accuracy and flexibility even in complicated production line environments.

Presses + RZY robot, A line of 5 machines
Six-axis mobility RZY Series
the great freedom of movement makes work piece insertion and removal flexible

Scene 2

Create a safe and efficient press environment with originality and ingenuity

In addition to the above RZY robot system, Matsuno Press Industrial Co., Ltd. has proactively improved the processing press environment and introduced inter-press robots and feeding devices to create a safe and high-efficient production system.

Coil press line + RYN robot line
Coil press line + RHN robot line
Straightener feeder LCC06HF4

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