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Mitsui Miike Machinery Co., Ltd.

Head office: 49 Suzukawa, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture 259-1146
URL :http://www.mitsuimiike.co.jp

Mitsui Miike Machinery is a pioneer in fine blanking. Producing and selling fine blanking parts and molds for automobiles, agricultural machinery and general industrial machinery, Mitsui Miike Machinery has used its expertise to achieve high precision and quality while conserving resources and reducing costs. The company has a wide range of fine blanking press machinery ranging from 100 to 650 tons. With today's market full of products manufactured in low volumes with a high degree of added value, Mitsui Miike Machinery draws on the wealth of experience and products it has accumulated throughout its long history, supplying products through a unified management framework.

A factory at Mitsui Miike Machinery's Kanagawa branch
Factory 2, Kanagawa Branch

Scene 1

Device to extract products during the fine blanking process (custom machinery)

The extraction machinery is based on our robot system, with a pullback function to aid maintenance of the press and features to improve quality such as servo-based NC control to prevent scratches on the products.
It also has a function to separate scrap materials from the products and extract both, enabling more efficient work.

Product extraction machinery installed at the back of the fine blanking press
Products and scrap materials are extracted at the same time
Products are extracted magnetically

Scene 2

Straightener/feeder for thick stock

The LCC05GD straightener/feeder can handle stock thicknesses up to 12mm. This saves space during the fine blanking process.
The straightener also manages straightening adjustment values, achieving steady quality and greater accuracy. (For even more efficient production, an optional mechanism can be added to perform automatic straightening adjustment by detecting the outside coil diameter.)

LCC05GD straightener/feeder for thick stock
Thick coils
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Product introduction

RHN 2axis servo robot
LCC GD/GD2 Series

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