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Location:  2800, Arai, Arai-Town, Kosai-City, Shizuoka Prefecture,431-0302

As a Tier1 supplier of a major automobile manufacturer, the company is mainly engaged in trial production, mold design and production , and mass production of automotive metal parts. The greatest feature is the production technology especially the mass production support that utilizes the "mold making technology" and "equipment automation technology". The main products are brackets used in light and small automobiles such as car bodies, interiors, electrical equipment, engines, and suspensions. The monthly production volume is 7 million pieces. About 4,400 items are handled.

President Keiji Miyama
Handling of 4 Single Crank Presses (TP-200EX) Using An Articulated Robot.


"In the automobile industry, it is said that the number of parts will decrease by 30% and the number of parts for general steel sheets will also decrease by 40% due to the shift to electrical vehicles. On the other hand, with the progress of lightweighting, commonization, standardization, and higher precision, parts suppliers are required more than ever to have the technological development ability to respond to new materials and to the realization of converting of the processing method.
From now on, while achieving a cost-leading strategy through automation and robotization production, it will also be necessary to strengthen production technology and the ability to respond to changes.
There is also a need for technologies such as cost reduction by converting the method from cutting and casting to cold forging, and the responding to high-tensile steel plates and aluminum."


"The C-frame press machine had a large frame distortion when a load was applied, and it was difficult to obtain the accuracy during press working. In addition, the load on the mold were large, cracks in the die plate frequently occur, and repair costs were quite high. 

By introducing a high rigidity straight side frame type servo press, it has become possible to perform processing that achieves both high productivity and stability. Vibration and noise caused by shocks during processing are surprisingly reduced, and die plate cracks no longer occur. In addition, the effect of the pendulum motion increased productivity by 20%.

For products with large shapes and sizes and mass production of 5,000 to 40,000 per month, we promoted automation by robotization for both press processing and welding processing."

Double Point Servo Press
Using Servo Press With Progressive Die For Production
Continuous Production Via Conveyor Belt

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