Launch of the vehicle motor housings production line with tandem stamping line and the self-developed washing device.

Takahashi Metal Industries Co., Ltd

Location: 864-4, Hosoe-town, Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture , 526-0105

"Takahashi Metal Group" develops two main businesses: "the parts processing business" and "the environmental products business".
the parts processing business is subdivided into "plastic processing business" , "stamping business" , and  "finished product business", each of which are  produced in three factory buildings.

"The Environmental Products" business is mainly for the development, design, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of cleaning equipments and coolant systems of the company's own products wich utilizes industrial cleaning technology using electrolytic ionized water, which is also the company's patented technology.

President  Yasuyuki Takahashi
Director Kenji Fujitani
Headquarters in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture


"It was necessary to set up a production line of vehicle motor housings with an annual output of 1.5 million to 1.6 million within a year.
The company had considered using a 500t-class large transfer press with a wide bed to build a production line, but it was very difficult to complete it from the machine introduction until the launch of mass production within this period. Furthermore, trying to design the process , it was found that if at least 800t-class press is not introduced there is no proof that it can be processed. Whithout a way to achieve it the feasibility was even more difficult.
In addition, for stamping molds, larger associated equipment must be used for production, maintenance and installation, which means that the factory needed to be rebuilt."


"By constructing a tandem line with a total of 900 tons by arranging three 300-ton servo presses (SDEW-3025 x 2 + SDE-3030) , the customer's requirements for "commissioning within one year" were met. At the same time, another advantage of adopting the tandem stamping  line is that arranging the processes in a balanced manner on three units, the generation of eccentric loads can be suppressed and also the processing quality is stable. All dimensional accuracy is stable within a tolerance of 0.01mm. In addition, the servo press can control the motion mode of the slider during the process, which means that the freedom of mold design will increase. The advantage is that it directly improves the yield and productivity.
Finally, for the mold, because the existing equipment can be used, only a small-scale transformation of the factory was carried out when introducing the new production line."

The self-developed electrolytic ionized water washing device is directly connected to three servo presses

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